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AMZ Translate

Amazon listing translations by native speakers

Our expert team of native speakers will translate your listing and optimize it for Amazon SEO - for maximum visibility and more sales on all Amazon marketplaces!

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You would like to expand into other countries, but...

You don't have time to translate your listings in SEO optimised in multiple languages? In addition, you face the following challenges:

  • You don't know any competent native speakers
  • You don't have time to manage a team of multilingual translators
  • Your previous translations were not SEO optimised
  • Automatic translations did not bring you strong sales

Save time and money now with AMZ Translate

Nothing is worse than incorrect grammatical copy and poor Amazon SEO optimisation for selling on Amazon. Benefit now from:

  • A large team of 13+ native speakers
  • Ultra-fast delivery in 5-7 working days
  • Amazon SEO optimised translations
  • More sales in the international market
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Your benefits from using AMZ Translate


All translations are carried out exclusively by native speakers.


All content is optimised for Amazon SEO.

conversion rate

Achieve higher conversion rates thanks to perfect translations.


We find the most relevant and frequently searched terms for your product.


Compelling copy and Amazon SEO will help you to achieve an optimal launch.


Everything from one source - receive the finished translations in 5-7 working days.

Configure your translation package

Choose your languages

Configure your individual translation package now. Simply select your source language and the required target languages, and you're ready to go!

Select initial language
Choose your target languages
Number of products

How many products require translations? (Variant products where the texts do not differ count as 1 product).

Select services

Select your preferred additional services here. Title, 5 bullet points, backend keywords, and a PPC keyword list are always included in every translation as a basic package.

Basic package
  • Title
  • 5 bullet points
  • Keyword list
  • Backend keywords
Optionale Services
Your overview
for maximum visibility and more sales on all Amazon marketplaces!
  • Basic package: Title, 5 bullet points, Keyword list, Backend keywords
Total per translation:
Number of languages:
Number of products:
Your individual offer amounts to:

All prices are net.

How your translation project works

Step-by-step explanation: our efficient and optimised workflow for your Amazon Listing translation.

Configure package

Easily configure your individual translation package on our website.

Submit texts

Conveniently submit your copy using our online form.

Product analysis

Our translators analyse your product for features, USPs and application - so that we can understand and get to know your product as well as possible.

Keyword research

We conduct comprehensive keyword and competitor research and create keyword and ASIN lists.


Your product texts are translated into the target language by our native speakers.

Amazon SEO

During translation, the most relevant keywords are integrated directly into the content (title, bullet points, etc.) - for maximum visibility!

Quality control

All texts are rechecked for accuracy and Amazon SEO before we send them to you.

Done ๐ŸŽ‰

You will receive your finished translations approx. 5-7 working days after booking - you are ready to go international!

What our customers say:

Manuel Mayer
Munich, Germany
We wanted to save the time and effort of finding translators ourselves and hiring them for SEO. We have had AMZ Translate translate for us several times now and have always been very satisfied with the result!
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Roland Rรถttger
Cologne, Germany
We had initially translated our texts ourselves with DeepL. However, the results were not good. After optimisation by AMZ Translate, we noticed a drastic improvement in PPC and organic ranking.
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Tom Borowski
Hamburg, Germany
With AMZ Translate's translations, we could launch quickly on the PAN-EU marketplaces and achieve strong rankings. We are very satisfied with the service and will certainly use it for additional products!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a bulk discount?

Yes, depending on how many products and target languages you select in our package configurator, the price per translation changes - the more translations (number of products, number of target languages), the lower the cost per translation.

How can I have more than 15 products translated?

For substantial orders, we will make you an individual offer. Please contact us at

Why not just use Google Translate or DeepL?

Automated translation tools such as Google Translate or DeepL work ok. However, every language has subtleties and nuances, which is why mistakes are often made. This can be the deciding factor for a buyer to trust your brand or not, especially when it comes to marketing and sales copy such as an Amazon listing. Our team of native speakers is far superior to any automated translation. We put manual effort into every translation and translate your Amazon listing so that it is also sales- psychologically optimised and engaging for all potential customers in its target language.

Which languages do you offer?

We accept German (DE) or English (EN) as a source language. We translate into the following languages: German (DE), English (EN), French (FR), Italian (IT), Spanish (ES), Dutch (NL), Swedish (SWE), Polish (PL), and Turkish (TR).

Can you also translate website content?

Yes, please send us an email:

What payment methods do you offer?

Credit card (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX), EPS, iDEAL, SEPA, Klarna direct payments, Bancontact

How long does a translation take?

You will usually receive your translated Amazon listing within 5 - 7 working days after placing your order.

How and when can I send you the copy?

After successfully placing the translation order, simply submit the texts using the online form.

Do variant products count as 1 or more products?

For us, variant products where the copy does not differ count as "1 product". If the texts vary, you can book an additional bullet point. If you are unsure, then simply send us a short message:

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Markus Pfister, Founder

As a longstanding Amazon seller and account manager for 7- and 8-figure brands, I know exactly what matters regarding international expansion and optimisation for Amazon SEO. In June 2020, I founded AMZ Translate for precisely this purpose - to support other Amazon sellers.

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